“They’re Not Only Naive… [They Are] Being Economically and Budgetarily Unwise”

Wake Forest University School of Law

Professor Rabil has some strong words for legislators considering to repeal North Carolina’s landmark Racial Justice Act.  Speaking to Star News, Professor Rabil had this to say:

“Can the legislature legally retroactively repeal a law that people have already filed claims under? Generally speaking, I think the answer is going to be no, but that will be up to state and federal courts,” said Mark Rabil, director of Wake Forest University’s Innocence and Justice Clinic and a former capital defender. “They are basically ensuring several more years of litigation.”

“They’re not only naive,” he added, referring to legislators, but they are “being economically and budgetarily unwise because now the state is going to have to spend more resources defending the legislative repeal.”


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